Melanie Bright Wiki: Lynette Nusbacher’s Spouse Bio

About Melanie Bright

Known AsMelanie Bright
Age51 years
Birth PlaceCanada
GenderFemale, Bisexual
Spouse/WifeDr. Lynette Nusbacher
AddressSurrey, England, United Kingdom
EducationBA Hons in Political Studies, MA in War Studies & Diploma in Public Relations
OccupationMarketing and Communication Director
LanguagesEnglish, French

Melanie Bright is American Marketing and Communication professional.

Melanie is wife/spouse of Lynette Nusbacher. She lives with her partner Dr. Lynette Nusbacher and two children in Surrey, England, United Kingdom.

Born and raised in Canada in 1967, after completing her MA in War Studies from Royal Military College of Canada. Later she moved to the UK and married her partner Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher. Melanie and Aryeh/Lynette first met at Royal Military College, and their love story started from there.

Melanie Bright’s Education

  • High School from Branksome Hall School in 1985 – 1989.
  • BA Hons in Political Studies from Queen’s University in 1989 – 1993.
  • MA, War Studies from Royal Military College of Canada/Collège militaire royal du Canada in 1995 – 1997.
  • Diploma in Public Relations from CIPR, Diploma in 2008 – 2008.

Melanie Bright’s Work Experience

  • Researcher for Dr Evan Harris MP in 1998 – Aug 1998.
  • Canadian Government Internship for European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 1998.
  • Editor, Sentinel Security Risk Assessments at Jane’s by IHS Markit from 1998 to 1999 and then was promoted to Features Editor, Jane’s Defence Weekly from 1999 to 2006.
  • Guildford Borough Council for Borough Councillor from 2007  to 2015.
  • She worked at Mouchel (WSP) between 2006 –  2009 on various positions.
  • Marketing and Communications Director at  Galliford Try Plc from 2015 – 2018
  • She is currently working at Winchester City Council as Head of Communications which shejoined in 2018.

  1. Christine says

    curious why her gender is listed as bisexual, since that would be orientation. She married to a man who later identified as a female but that doesn’t necessarily make her bisexual unless she has relationships with other women. (i.e. someone else’s identity doesn’t change your orientation)

    1. Ann says

      Identifying as bisexual does not define relationship status. One can be attracted to both men and women, and only be in a relationship with a man or a woman – they will still identify as bisexual.

    2. Steven says

      It’s sad how this is declared normal.

  2. jacqueline berry says

    They need to write a book about there life, I would read it

  3. Jermaine Ragin says

    Dominique Vuljevic has discussed the matter at length with Blakely Quinn Hite. As for the concept of sexual orientation, only Melanie Bright would be able to define this for herself.

  4. Cecilia says

    These people are nuts! Feel sorry for the kids…

  5. Shirley says

    I agree Christine, I have a friend who is quadsexual and it’s homosexual husband is not bisexual nor should be classified as such.

  6. Siobhan says

    I just don’t get it. Well, as far as her spouse/partner….. He was a man who became a woman but is married to the woman he loved as a man…… When did he realize he was a Lesbian????

  7. Steven says

    He is born a man, marries a woman, wants to be a woman, now they are bisexual or lesbians? Come on people…how can you say this is normal or ok? It’s disturbing and sad.

  8. Patrick says

    A masculine lady of Khartoum took a ladylike boy to her room
    and as soon as it was night, they started to fight,
    about who was to do what and to whom!!
    Yes we live in confusing times.

  9. Denise says

    Wait, what? I am so confused…

  10. René says

    In a word……VOMIT.

  11. Robert says

    A perfect example of liberal/progressive ideology that is pushed throughout the world: the normalization of insanity. Her husband is biologically still a man. It is a mental disorder known as gender dysphoria (

  12. Normal Guy says

    I’m a man that digs chicks. A lot less confusing that way. My pronoun is him.

  13. Earl says

    “Normal” is determined by closed minded people. You do not have to like it or even agree with other people’s choices, it has nothing to do with you. In fact it’s ok to be weird. Throughout history people have revered for their unique differences. No matter what your ideology may be, the idea of tolerance and love should be the driving force. If not your morals are misguided and you should take time to improve yourself.

  14. Not my business says

    Know what? It is none of our beeswax how they identify themselves. Both of them are very accomplished individuals in their fields and that is all that matters.
    I love watching the documentary series with Ms. Nusbacher. She is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to Military History, not too many women get that far. Who cares what’s under the clothex, it’s the brains/intelligence that counts!

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