Barna Harrach
Barna Harrach

Barna Harrach is 17 years old rising TikTok star from Szombatnely, Vas, Hungary. He has 30,000 followers on TikTok with over 1.2 million likes.

He is also active on Instagram where he occasionally posts photos. On Instagram he only posts photos pf him self and of close friends. On Instagram he has 6,500 followers.

Barna is single and does not have a girlfriend.

About Barna Harrach

Known AsBarna Harrach
Date of Birth13 July 2002
Birth PlaceSzombatnely, Vas, Hungary
Age17 years old
OccupationStudent, Social Media Influencer

Barna does not use Snapchat and he hates the app.

This handsome looking TikTok stars posts lip sync videos on Hungarian songs and dialogues. He is popular amongst female audience and gets good response to his videos.

Barna is avid computer user and has tried his hands on hacking computers. In January 2019 he started working at Haladás VSE a football club.

He is a indoor football (soccer) player. On weekend he spends his time with friends partying at house parties and bowling clubs.

Barna Harrach Photo Gallery


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