Charlotte Parkes
Charlotte Parkes

Quick Bio of Charlotte Parkes

Charlotte Parkes is 25 years old British model, Instagram star, Youtuber and social influencer. She currently stays in Los Angles, California with her boyfriend FaZe Kay.

Facts about Charlotte Parkes

Age25 Years
SisterHarriet Parkes
BoyfriendFaZe Kay
AddressLos Angles, California
Height5′ 6″ or 1.67 m
Weight60 kg or 133 lbs
Net Worth$600,000

Born on 21st January 1994 Charlotte Parkes is 24 years old. She started her career in 2013 as an urban model by posting pics on Instagram and then moved to Los Angles, California from the U.K. She is active on Instagram, Youtube and Twitter and she has 600,000 followers on all her social media accounts. She is one of the major influencers in Los Angles her target audience is teen girls and makeup lovers.

She loves taking selfies and additional information for fun, she uses an iPhone smart battery case which gives her phone an extra 20 hours of battery life for taking selfies :P.

Charlotte Parkes’s Boyfriend FaZe Kay

Charlotte Parkes and her boyfriend FaZe Kay are dating since December 2017. They met in London and liked each other because of their crazy personalities. Both started dating and when Charlotte moved to LA Kay proposed her and are happy since then.

Both are happy and loyal to each other and there are high chances that they might get married in near future.

Charlotte Parkes’s Sister Harriet Parkes

Charlotte Parkes’s sister Harriet Parkes is 19 years old Instagram star and social influencer. She was born on 26th August 1999 and stays in London. She can be seen on Youtube pulling pranks on FaZe Kay along with her sister.

Charlotte Parkes Sister Harriet Parkes

Inspired by her sister she started her career in 2015 as a social influencer and she is also makeup lovers. Since Charlotte’s obsession for makeup many of her viewers are interested in seeing her without makeup, here are some photos.

Charlotte Parkes without Makeup
Charlotte Parkes without Makeup

Charlotte Parkes’s Net Worth

Charlotte Parkes’s net worth is estimated to be at $600,000. She earns a good amount each year from her social influencer career. Her income sources include makeup and cosmetic brand promotions, deals and Youtube channel earnings.


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