Gary Noesner
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Gary Noesner is featured in the TV Series Waco which is streaming on Netflix. He worked as a chief negotiator between the U.S. government and Branch Davidians leader David Koresh in 1993 standoff.

In this article we have compiled his personal life information including what he does now, where he lives and his family details.

Gary Noesner lives in Virginia with his wife Carol Noesner

Gary and wife Carol Noesner have three children. His house is located at the lakeside with enough water views, garden space, and backyard.

He met his wife at the FBI when he was working as a clerk and she as a stenographer.

He spends his time retirement time with great leisure at his big house with his family and friends.

Gary’s daughter’s name is Katie Noesner Salzam and her son’s name is Rusty Noesner.

Gary Noesner now works as an author and speaker

He worked as Chief at the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit for 10 years and in total, he worked for the FBI for 31 years from 1972-2003.

After retiring from the FBI he joined Control Risks, LLC as a Senior Vice President where he worked for 5 years between 2003-2008.

In 2007 registered his own company Noesner Consulting LLC he started working for his own consultation company in 2008. The company is registered in Virginia, United States. He provides assistance to commercial businesses in dealing with kidnapping and hostage incidents.

He also speaks at law enforcement conferences and corporate gatherings domestically and around the world.

In 2008 he released a book titles ‘Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator’ in which he has shared his stories and experiences of his life. Source

Gary Noesner with his Wife Carol Noesner with Kids and Grand-kids

He watched the tragedy on the monitor

Gary worked as a negotiator between the FBI and David Koresh for first 25 days out of total 51 days standoff. He was removed because some officers at FBI wanted to take more aggressive approach and solve the matter quickly.

Ultimately the incident lead to a huge firing between government and Branch Davidian members which lead of 75 people being killed.

When the fire broke out at Waco, Texas on the last day Gary was called by agency to watch the situation on the monitor. “I watched the fire, I got angry and walked out. I got more angry than I had ever been in my life”.

When the mini series Waco was produced he use to visit set and help actors understand how the incident unfolded which helped all the actors a lot.


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