Kellie Chauvin

Kellie Chauvin is the wife of Derek Chauvin the cop involved in George Floyd’s Death. She was born in Laos and migrated to the United States in 1980 after living in a refugee camp in Thailand for 3 years. She won Mrs. Minnesota pageant in 2019 and holds an associate degree in radiology and real estate. In the past, she was worked as a radiologic technologist for 13 years and now she works as a real estate agent.

Update: Derek Chauvin’s wife Kellie Chauvin files for divorce

Wiki and Bio

Full Real Birth NameKellie Chauvin, Kellie Xiong
ProfessionRealtor, Real Estate Agent
Age45 years old
Date of Birth (DOB)21 October 1974
Ethnicity/RaceHmong, Asian
Current ResidenceMinnesota
Height5 feet 5 inches
HusbandDerek Chauvin (m. 2010)
Derek Chauvin
ChildrenGeorge Xiong

Kellie Chauvin was born in Laos

Kellie Chauvin also is known as Kellie Xiong was born in Southeast Asian country Laos. She is 45 years old and was born on 21 October 1974. By ethnicity she is Hmong it is an ethnic group native to Laos and Vietnam.

She spent most of her childhood in refugee camp

Kellie Chauvin was born during the civil war in Laos which lasted 16 years, due to civil war and economic downfall she lived in the refugee camp with her family during his childhood. In 1977 when she was 3 years old her family left Laos and settled in Thailand where her family lived till 1980 in the Thailand refugee camp.

She migrated to the U.S. in 1980

In 1980 Kellie’s family left Thailand and came to the United States to start a new life after the traumatic life in Laos and Thailand. In the United States, they settled in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

She was bullied in her school

In 1984 Kellie started her formal education in kindergarten when she was 10 years old. As they just migrated from an Asian country her English was not good and she was bullied for her language and appearance in her school. Source

Kellie Chauvin won Mrs. Minnesota in 2019

Even though going through tough times in childhood and bullied for her looks, when one of her friends suggested she should participate in Mrs. Minnesota. She filled the form and was a contender for 2019 pageant and finally, she won the pageant in 2019 and became Mrs. Minnesota 2019.

Credit: Facebook

Kellie Chauvin divorced her first husband

Kellie was just 17, under her family pressure, and believes she married an unknown man in 1991. Hmong people believe that if their daughter does not get married before the age of 18, she won’t get married ever, hence an arrange marriage was held and she married an unknown person.

Post marriage she started living in Florida with her husband and had two children, a daughter and a son name George Xiong.

As Kellie mentioned her relationship with her husband was abusive and she couldn’t continue longer she they got divorced in 2001.

Kellie Chauvin has an associate degree in Radiology

After her divorce, Kellie started her education again and completed an associate degree in radiology and became a radiologic technologist. After completing her degree she got an opportunity to do an internship at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis and eventually started working full time. She worked at Hennepin County Medical Center for the next 13 years.

Kellie Chauvin and Derek Chauvin married in 2010

Kellie Chauvin Photo

While Kellie was working as a radiologic technologist at the emergency room in Hennepin County Medical Center, she met Derek Chauvin who being a police officer bought a suspect for a health check before an arrest. They met at the hospital and started talking, Kellie Chauvin and Derek Chauvin got married in 2010. Source

She now works as a realtor

After Kellie and Derek got married she went to Kaplan University in Iowa to learn real estate business and got her real estate license now she works as a realtor. She sells mid-ranger properties between $89K – $500K, the information was accessed from but the page is now inaccessible now, here is the screenshot from Google Cache.

Credit: Google Cache


  1. Kellie is not a radiologist. that requires 4 years of college, 4 years of med school and three years of radiology residency to become a radiologist.
    She, with an associates degree, is a radiologic technologist.
    I should know as I worked for 40 years in the field of radiology.
    Please correct your error.
    Thank You!

    • Hi veronica,

      Thank you for your input, we have made the necessary corrections.

      Your comments are always helpful.

      SocialStarsWiki Team

  2. Agreed…. please retract or modify the statement about Kelly being a radiologist. As Veronica noted, that takes several years of school – Kelly was a radiology tech. PS… there may be more to this story over time. She maybe proven to be more than you see….

    • Hi Lorie,

      Thank you for your input, we have made the necessary corrections on your and veronica’s suggestion.

      Your comments are always helpful.

      SocialStarsWiki Team

  3. You need to include her legal issues of tax evasion now. As of tonight, it’s all over the news. As well as the fact that she needed a 100 k bmw to drive around to sell mid range homes. Didn’t want to be honest, registered it in FL. Disgusted. I grew up in Eau Claire WI, and am just a year younger than her. All kids got bullied in school back then. The excuse, look / talk different. So did a lot of white kids. So tired of people playing the victim.


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