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Payton Moormeier is American social media influencer from California. He is popular on TikTok and Instagram with over 5 million followers on all social media profiles combined.

Payton is fitness and fashion-conscious and maintains a lean body. He is popular amongst girls for his looks and creative videos on TikTok. On Instagram, he is not shy to post bare body photos which shows his lean body.

Known AsPayton Moormeier
Date of Birth28 July 2003
FatherChris Addario
MotherJoanne Moormeier
SisterFaith Moormeier
AddressAntelope, California
EducationHigh School
OccupationSocial Media Influencer
Net WorthEstimated $200,000
Height5’8″, 1.76 meter
Weight55 kg

Payton Moormeier’s Family

Payton stays in California with his mother Joanne Moormeier and elder sister Faith Moormeier.

He was born and raised in St Marys, Georgia and is currently studying He is currently studying astronomy.

His father Chris Addario stays in North Carolina.

Payton is in a relationship with someone but he has not made it public.

Payton Moormeier’s Career and Net Worth:

Payton Moormeier’s social media career is progressing and growing at a very fast pace. On all platforms combined, he has around 5 million followers which bring in a good amount of revenue from brand deals, merchandise, paid promotion & tour.

He joined TikTok in 2016 when the platform was named musically. On this platform, he was part of JrElite group which he left in 2017.

On TikTok he has 3.5 million followers on Youtube he has 250,000 subscribers and on Instagram, he has 1.5 million followers.

With this huge follower-ship, he is estimated to be earning $15,000 per month and Payton’s net worth is estimated to be around $200,000.

Payton is managed by Vivid Management & Lights Out. Vivid Management looks after his merchandise and brand promotion and Lights Out looks after his tour.

With the pace he is growing on social media looks like he has a good career ahead.

Payton Moormeier’s Interesting Facts

First Kiss: Payton kissed first when he was 9. In school, he used to play truth and dare with friends. Once he asked one of his friends to ask him to kiss his crush when he chooses to dare and that’s how it happened.

Qualities he would want in his Girlfriend: Since being asked about ‘what he looks in a girl’ this question by a lot of girls on his TikTok and the Instagram account he answered this and stated 10 qualities.

Here is weird the list:

  1. She should be Confident
  2. She should have a great fashion sense
  3. She should be caring and supportive but should give him personal space when he is working
  4. She should trust him
  5. Her height should be between 5 feet 4 inches – 5 feet 11 inches
  6. She should give hugs, he loves getting hugged randomly
  7. She should have the same taste in music because he hates when someone changes the song he is playing
  8. She should be her self around him and not pretentious
  9. He loves staying home some times so she shouldn’t be asking to go out all the time for a good time
  10. She should put hair in a bun

Payton Moormeier’s Social Media Profiles

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