Jill Bauer QVC

Jill Bauer has been hosting show at QVC for last 25 years. Her show has been the highest rated show in the QVC catalog.

Why is Jill Bauer Leaving QVC?

She has worked for QVC for 25 years which is half of her life and finally, she is retiring at least for now. She hasn’t looked for any new opportunity neither is she going to join any new job any time soon.

Jill is going to focus on her family life. Her son is a teenager now and her daughter is in college so she is going to focus on her mommy job for some time now.

Jill Bauer at QVC Set

She is planning to spend time at her son’s baseball game and spend time with her daughter when she is at home and spend time on the beach.

Her last day at QVC is 12 June after that she is going to create her personal social media account on social platforms for her loyal fans.


  1. Love you…so sorry you are leaving QVC…….
    Enjoyed every show that you hosted ! ! !
    Will miss you ..
    Wish you much fun and happiness…
    Pompano Beach,Florida

  2. I enjoyed your work on QVC, Jill. You are a lovely authentic woman. Your followers will MISS you. Thank you for sharing your love for animals with QVC’s audience.

  3. She sold stuff, for heaven’s sake and made a lot of money doing it. She’s not a hero. She is not your friend, you do not know her nor have a relationship with her. QVC’s hosts make their living pushing products on people who often don’t need or can afford them. Some do it better and less obnoxiously than others. Jill was not obnoxious nor pushy, but she was there to sell to you. That’s all. Honor someone who really deserves it and has done something to make the world better.

    • You & Valarie are the BEST in the business when it comes Christmas time ….the ideas ,the friendship you guys or shall I say gals have is undeniably remarkable …I will miss the 2 of you together …your ideas were impeccable … PLEASE consider staying until after the New Year…you will be deeply missed you were s staple in my home from the beginning …. Good luck God bless you & thank you for all the wonderful years …?

  4. Something seems not quite right. It was reported that Jill Bauer said on air that she hadn’t plan to go anywhere if the audience wanted her. That means that there had to have been discussions as to her being forced out. Months later, it was announced that she was leaving to be home with her children. One of whom is grown and in college, the other in high school. It looks as if her contract wasn’t renewed. Actually, during the last few years Bauer wasn’t on air that often. Companies are in business to make money. QVC’s business model hinges heavily on their customer base identifying with, and buying from their on-air personalities. If these people don’t hit their target sales figures, or if they act out and cause QVC some sort of embarrassment, they’re out the door. That’s the bottom line. While I don’t think that Bauer ever caused any scandal for “the Q”, I do think that she wasn’t selling as much as in previous years, and was hard pressed to catch up since she wasn’t in front of the camera as much as other long time hosts. It looks as if QVC let her leave gracefully and on a positive note, saying that she wanted to spend more time with her children, as if they were still in grade school. Well, most working parents don’t have the option of saying that they want to quit working and stay home with their grown and almost grown children, walking away from a (likely) six-figure salary plus commission. Ok, Jill; if you say so.

  5. QVC seems to be getting rid of the people that have been there the longest! That’s not always a good idea. Some of the host they have now, just do not have the warm personality of the host they have had in the past. Not that interested in watching any more.

  6. Certainly agree with others, QVC does seem to be only hiring the younger aggressive sales people…I will miss the seasoned sales staff who appeared to be more knowledgeable and were friendlier…the page turned, and the show became more about people I cannot relate to. ( Happy to still enjoy Jane, David & of course Valerie!) however……


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