Dr. Lynette Nusbacher (Aryeh Nusbacher) Wiki: From Man to Women


About Lynette Nusbacher, Aryeh Nusbacher:

Known AsLynette Nusbacher, Aryeh Nusbacher, Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher
Age52 Years
BirthDecember 17, 1966 New York City
GenderTransgender, Female
SpouseMelanie Bright, 1998-Present
AddressSurrey, England, United Kingdom
AlumniUniversity of Toronto, Royal Military College of Canada, University of Oxford, National School of Government, Cranfield University
EthnicityWhite, Caucasian
Height5′ 6″ or 1.67 m
Weight60 kg or 133 lbs
Body Measurement34-28-35 Inches

Why Aryeh Nusbacher/Lynette Nusbacher is famous?

Aryeh Nusbacher a famous military historian and popular for changing gender from male to female. Born on 17th December 1966 as Aryeh Nusbacher changed her gender and become Lynette Nusbacher in 2007.

Lynette Nusbacher is famous for her appearance in documentaries of History channel about Military weaponry, research on war, gov secret security agencies theories, and strategies.

Who is Lynette Nusbacher married to and kids?

Lynette has been married to Melanie Bright since 1998 even before she changed gender and still are happy together. Both has two kids of which further details are unknown.

Melanie is very support partner and protects Lynette whenever and wherever its needed, she never gives news bites it headlines which might create controversies.

Lynette Nusbacher’s educational background

Lunette graduated from University of Toronto in B.A. Hons, History and Economics from 1984-1988.

Then in 1994 Nusbacher started with her MA in War Studies and completed that in 1996, here she studied development of mechanized warfare doctrine, processes of armies, intelligence management and intelligence failure.

Dr Lynette Nusbacher
Dr Lynette Nusbacher

After her MA she completed DPhil History from the University of Oxford where she studied Modern British History.

In 2009 she enrolled for a Leadership program at National School of Government and in 2010 she completed her Defense Strategic Leadership Program from Cranfield University.

Lynette Nusbacher’s career journey

Lynette started her career by working as an administrator at the University of Toronto in 1988 until 1994 for 6 years.

She joined Canadian Armed Forces as Logistics Officer in 1992 where she worked for 7 years until 2000 where she led financial planning and audit for an infantry battalion and served as a division staff officer.

In 2006 she joined LMC consultant as a principal and senior consultant in war studies and specialized in operational research until 2017.

In 2007 she joined UK’s cabinet office as Senior Intelligence Advisor and Devil’s Advocate where she ensured a clean system for national-level security assessment and in 2008 she was promoted as Head of the Strategic Horizons Unit.

She was visiting lecturer at University of Reading from 2006 until 2012.

Lynette has taught Prince William and Prince Harry at the Sandhurst. Rumors are that she mad the gender change decision during this time.

Currently, she is the owner of Nusbacher Associates which is a management consultant company and writes for Times of Israel and Huffington Post.

Lynette Nusbacher has appeared on BBC TV show Time Commanders as a military history expert in all episodes from 2003 – 2005. She has also appeared in various History channel documentaries.

Aryeh Nusbacher wrote a book in 2002 titled The Battle of Bannockburn 1314 it is mainly based on Scottish war which was fought in 1314 with details of weapons, military campaigns, and politics involved during the wars time.

Lynette Nusbacher’s gender reassignment surgery in 2007 from man to women

Aryeh Nusbacher changed his gender from male to female in 2007 and since then has been known as Lynette Nusbacher.

Lynette Nusbacher

Fortunately, Aryeh journey from Man to Women was not that hard as his wife Melanie Bright was very supportive of him since the beginning and they both are still together.

Both the couples have two children and are happily living together with their kids in Surrey, England, United Kingdom.

She has been ranked in top 100 in Pink Lists from 2011 – 2013. 53rd rank in 2011, 68th rank in 2012 and 77th rank in 2013.

  1. Sharon Forsman says

    I just saw a documentary on WWII and saw Dr. Lynette Nusbacher for the first time. I just want to say she is not only brilliant but also a beautiful woman.

    1. D.Cramer says

      I do not agree

    2. Cory peterson says

      Are you kidding???

    3. Jason says

      She is hideous and that voice is a man’s voice. She makes watching shows I like almost unwatchable.

    4. julia moore says

      Very intelligent person, enjoy the commentary from her programs, but I thought from her voice she was transgender.

  2. Marcie says

    Very intelligent person .need to fix the nose .

  3. Armando Cardona says

    Dr. Nusbacher is a top notch military historian, a brave soul and a great human being no matter how you slice it and is worthy of respect, support and admiration for a brilliant academic career, PERIOD. I’m impressed and inspired not only by the depth of her knowledge and the ease with which she translates dry historical data into vibrant, understandable, LIVING information, but also by her sincerity and courage. Thank God for her intellect, sincerity and courage.

    1. Linda Foster says

      Yes, I agree entirely, Dr, Nusbacher is brilliant, I am a history major and earned my education degree many years ago, I taught with the same fervor as Dr, Nusbacher explains history, she is amazing, intelligent, informative, and courageous, glad to see her continue to give history a shot in the arm

  4. Charles says

    I believe freak would be more the word to describe the tyranny historian

  5. Yvette says

    Dr.Lynette, I to am a Historical sponge. I love you and your beautiful mind, it’s all good! Can’t get enough of your knowledge!

    1. james bonar says

      Perhaps so, Yvette, but grammar/syntax is NOT your forte. See if this looks familiar: “Dr. Lynette, I too am an historical sponge.”

      1. Kailyn Stuffings says


        1. Bella says

          Yes, “an” is appropriate. Especially in “British” English since the “H” is usually dropped, so depending on whether you use a hard or soft “H” sound it is correct. https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/is-it-a-or-an

  6. Joe says

    Disgusting! I change the channel every time this thing comes on.

    1. Bella says

      Keep your hostility to yourself, no one’s interested in your bigotry. Some of us are trying to enjoy the informative and intelligent commentary from a brilliant PhD.

  7. Eric D. HuntsbergerHuntsberger says

    Was confused at first, seen Aryeh commentate on several WW2 shows. Then Lynnette on several shows. Thought they were twin, brother n sister. So had to look it up. Regardless,very knowledgeable and does great work. Enjoy the shows!

    1. Cory says

      I thought the exact same thing. Can’t say I agree with the transgender thing. But no denying Nusbacher’s knowledge of the subject matter. Both before and after the transformation.

  8. Eric D. Huntsberger says

    Was confused at first, seen Aryeh commentate on several WW2 shows. Then Lynnette on several shows. Thought they were twin, brother n sister. So had to look it up. Regardless,very knowledgeable and does great work. Enjoy the shows!

  9. Joe says

    I heard her voice and was blown away when I looked up and saw a man. It was a 2007 show. I kinda thought she was transgender, but don’t dwell on those things. She is a brilliant woman. Over the past few years she has also become a beautiful woman.
    Good for her and her wife, who must be a very understanding woman.

    1. Cory says

      Not beautiful. And not a “she.” But very knowledgeable on WW2 subject matter . I could grow my hair long, wear women’s clothing and high-heel shoes and change my name. But that would not make me female. Sorry.

    2. Reginald says

      He, not she. There is no such thing as a gender change, just mutilation and confusion. This creature has discredited its past work, with this act of mental illness .

      1. bob lawblaw says

        gotta say im not a fan of this whole movement of pretending to be the opposite sex,but who am i to say what they can do with their money…but to say that “its” work is no longer legitimate because its a freak ,im sorry but this thing does know its history! i dont see where you would connect being a tranny relates to having a lack of knowledge of history…

      2. Bella says

        Actually, Reginald….there IS such a thing as a gender change and it is NOT a mental illness. Your hate is not welcome here. You lack civility and common manners. A person’s worth and intellectual achievements do not vanish because of what’s under their clothes or how they identify themselves. The process to transition is clearly beyond your capacity for understanding. However, it takes YEARS of therapy and treatments before a person is even allowed to begin hormone therapy. The doctor’s personal journey is hers and NOT for your criticism. You can only comment on her external appearance, however you clearly have significant internal issues to be so dismissive of a person’s intellectual accomplishments based on external identification.

  10. Steven Arnold says

    To each their own. Admire her narratives and expertise related to military history. Very, very knowledgeable.

  11. Richard Land says

    Another sign of our confused times…simeone who wants to be something they are NOT.

    1. Lorena Bell says

      I agree

    2. Matt says


  12. Shelby says

    She is a brilliant historian and her work stands for itself. No qualifications.

    Dear Richard Land and Joe Says, please go back to under your bridge if your hate gets in the way of perceiving reality. Don’t worry you’ll soon be weeded out by natural selection – PS that is real – fingers crossed.

  13. Chris says

    See Lynette often on tv … Super super smart. Very knowledgeable… Her gender has no reflect in my thoughts!!! Wonderful job telling her knowledge…

  14. Gil says

    Lynette you are one knowledgeable historian. I have the highest respect for your work on Mysteries of the Abandoned. It doesn’t matter to me what, who you were. It only matters to me of that I learn so much from an individual as you. Thank you.

  15. Lizzie says

    Didn’t know she is transgender and don’t care. I love to watch her and listen to her expertise. In fact watching her right now on AHC . BRILLIANT.

  16. Crystal Wentworth says

    Today’s age you’re allowed to be who or what you want I do believe that if you’re born a man you are always a man however I also believe that people feel in their hearts a certain way and if she feels that she is a woman than that is the way that she should live her life as a woman but I do believe in the end she is still a man but to each their own and I hope that she’s happy and she is very very intelligent and very very amazing to watch and listen to.

  17. Crystal Wentworth says

    I could so much held it maybe she was born a man so I just looked it up out of curiosity because I’m curious about those kind of things and it turned out that of course she was transgender and I do believe that if you’re born a man in the end you are a man but I also believe that if you born a man feels like you’re a woman then you should live your life as a woman if that’s how you’re comfortable I believe she’s very intelligent and because of that she should be respected regardless of what she lives her life as a man or a woman is nobody else’s business her in the right for happy they raise their children she’s a productive member of society and rather she feels like she is a woman or man is nobody’s business she doesn’t create a problem for the people as a matter fact she provides a service to this country by being intelligent and spreading her intelligence to the community around her so I think people should mind their business and leave her alone.

    1. Bob Lawblaw says

      Holy ramble on!!! Just so you know ,that is one of the longest run on sentences i have ever read,and i taught grade 2! Just saying it doesn’t make you look very intelligent…

    2. Lyn says

      Have you ever heard of punctuation? What an unintelligible rant.

  18. Linda Foster says

    I have watched almost all shows that deal with World War II, as i have relatives that are now reaching the end of their lives, from civilians who fought the Nazis and died in the gas chambers to those who served and fought them on the battle fields of Europe and Africa, to hear Dr. Nusbacher explain this period of history gives it life, she makes it real, and yes i say “she”, Lynette has gone through the whole transformation, she is a woman, as i am and was born, she just has been reborn, those who cannot accept this, so be it, your loss, I look at the brilliance and dedication from which she speaks about a horrible time in history and explains it, I do not judge be accept, pease respect and accet, Dr. Nusbacher please continue, you are wonderful, thank you for your knowledge, sharing and courage

  19. Linda says

    You are brilliant, but I don’t care what you think you are, but you are a man. Every time I saw you I said you were a man. Then I looked you up, and I was right. Yuck.

  20. Loree bell says

    Well I would have to believe this would be traumatic to his children? Turning daddy into another mommy!!??? So self centered
    Just accept who you were born to be ! Obviously god wanted him to be born a male! And his DNA will always be male! Just can’t understand why people are so self centered and his wife would support this….?

    1. Matt says

      Absolutely !

    2. Bob Lawblaw says

      why do you care so much about someone you have never met nor will you ever meet them? isnt your life interesting and complex enough? i dont agree with this persons choices either,but to go on a rant like you did,honestly i find it hilarious when people like you get so bent about someone actions that do not affect you nor is it really of any concern to you ,yet you get on your pc and gossip or shit talk at every chance…

  21. Robert says

    Was in another room when I heard that voice that I recognized. I came into the room with the TV program on and I saw “Lynette” and knew immediately that she used to be “Aryeh”. Had to look it up to ensure I was correct. Voila!

  22. Puddin says

    You Cannot change your gender! Chromosomes are not malleable and are for life. Sorry for you unbelievers but only GOD would have that power. Can this man have a child in the womb? Make milknto feed a child? Answer: No

    1. Maria Elena Martinez says

      DNA never changes.

    2. Bella says

      If you really believe in your notion of “GOD” being the absolute determining force, then you have no right to open your mouth in judgment because only GOD could understand the true soul of a person he/she created. DNA is irrelevant, chromosomes are irrelevant. That’s an invalid argument because people change themselves daily…permanently….to try and feel more comfortable in their own skin. A man’s work is not discredited for trying to regrow their lost hair, or take other enhancers. A woman’s work is not discredited because she augments her breasts, or dyes her hair. There are a myriad of examples of people changing their external appearance to align with their internal identity. So, you have no right to chastise or criticize. To do so is mocking of god’s work or god’s plan. You have no right to pass judgment when this journey might be exactly what god has chosen for her. Humble yourself and judge not lest ye be judged with the same harshness.
      The doctor’s work speaks for itself. Brilliant minds are remembered, not small minded fools. Rise above and value the whole person’s intellect, spirit, and soul, not just the shell that contains them. You should be ashamed of your shallowness.

  23. DustinBig says

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    But you can fix this issue fast. There is a tool that generates content like human,
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  24. Walter von L says

    I have never heard or read about any person—not one, ever—-who had transgender surgery without enduring years of disapproval, inner conflict and fear. It is not something that they willfully chose to do. Transgender people are born that way. I would not wish that condition on anyone, it is a prescription for a very hard life. A very hard life indeed.

    At least Lynnette has someone who supports and loves her, and I hope their children love their two mothers. The problem with being negative and hostile to people like Lynette is that the attitudes spill over into the personal lives of the judgmental, self righteous hypocrites.

    They tend to treat their own family, children and friends the same way. Who wants to be anywhere near them?

  25. Tim says

    Im sorry but I just dont get it. Do these men think they look like women? They dont. They look like men trying to look like a woman.

    1. Maria Elena Martinez says


  26. Matt says

    No, this is a man with confusion being a homosexual. Him loping of his bits changes nothing. I myself seen the Science channel and felt uncomfortable for him . Clearly a man ! His knowledge my be on track but gets no glory of beauty or recognition of a female!

  27. Janice Anderson says

    Walter von L ….. well said! I don’t think people should judge anyone else until they have walked in their shoes. Why can’t people just “live and let live” with compassion and love. This world would be a much better place.

  28. Pontius Pilot says

    Thinking you are someone you are not is insanity. Plain and simple. People that would do something like that, suffer from some form of mental illness. It’s quite surprising and alerting that society supports this ridiculousness.

  29. Ruy Fonseca says

    Dr. Nusbacher you are a professional, besides that you are what you decided to be, like those that say that you discussed them and change the channel when you appear…. You guys are what you are by choice as well, i would rather chose to be a “freak”(This is not my word), instead of choosing to be what you guys chose to be: small, tiny, smelly and shitty. You pricks will soon die and no one will remind you guys….. But the Doctor will be a part of história…. Hurra

  30. Shelly Charmasson says

    Ms. Nusbacher is a fascinating lady. I enjoy her commentary on the science channel shows. She is beautiful and very talented. Her wife is also a beautiful soul and a wonderful partner.

  31. Grant says

    So did Aryeah lop off his pecker yet ?

  32. dave zarankin says

    While I personally don’t understand, and neither condone nor condemn this person’s choices – I do have great respect for Dr.Nusbacher’s knowledge in the historical context. I have watched documentaries in both gender presentations and found all very insightful and informative. Kind of scary looking either way so I have no real argument.

  33. Charlotte Parham says

    Dr. Lynnette Nusbacher, I commend you for all your hard work and accomplishments in your life. Thank you for all of your knowledge you share with me.

  34. Jason says

    I had that “hey wait a second! She looks familiar” moment while watching WWII documentaries. I saw her when she was a he on episodes of “Future Weapons” or some similar show. She is brilliant and always was. Her contributions to documentaries and academia are without question and as long as she is happy that’s all that matters.

  35. Wil says

    Aryeh Nusbacher is a freak. I’ll never use this ‘things’ phony name. I’ve never watched anything this ‘thing’ was part of. This thing is allegedly a expert on history? Well, I can assure you that history will NOT be friendly to this ‘thing’ and it’s ilk…bank on it.

  36. El Jefe says

    The very first time I laid eyes on the very courageous Dr Nusbacher, Mysteries of the abandoned was on television and I was merely listening while doing some other things and heard her voice before I saw her face. Obviously a very knowledgeable and intelligent person, my first thought was they have a drag queen on Mysteries of the Abandoned?? Everyone has the right to be happy or at least pursue happiness so who really cares what’s between our legs when it is what’s between our ears that truly defines us as a person.

  37. Gale DIllon says

    I can’t believe you’re comments can be so cruel. If she has chosen to change her gender it is nobody’s business but hers. Seriously if you can’t stay something nice don’t say it

    1. jacqueline berry says

      They are really hard on her, she have amazing motion industries driving the abandoned objects in the world, they need to worry about there self not Dr Lynette

    2. Lyn says

      You can’t change your sex, only your appearance. But I could tell in a second that this was a man. Instead of praising people for their alleged “bravery,” transgenders should examine themselves for depression, body dysmorphia or disassociative disorder before deciding they’re really women trapped in male bodies. How would they know?

      1. Steven says

        You should write a book about what you know about transgender people, it will be on a single page. Nothing she did affects you.

  38. James says

    I listen to her or him I have watched both but I do so for the knowledge they bring I don’t care what sex they are but I have to disagree with one comment that’s she’s beautiful she looks like an ugly English woman but looked like a wimp as a man not sure what is worst but the important thing is she is happy I’m sure she does not care what we think

    1. jacqueline berry says

      She is beautiful and one much see beauty in all because your life will feel beautiful to brother

  39. Ed says

    Lets be real, this thing is real ugly. Now you know why they should stay in the closet.

    1. Steven says

      I bet your a great looking ignorant fool! If she bothers you don’t watch

  40. Mk says

    I can listen to Lynette. for hours! Just brilliant is amazing what Lynette knows I also appreciate her transformation it is time she showed what is in her heart

  41. Jan Lowes says

    Dearie, dearie me. . . what on Earth is wrong with you lot? You sound like my Father. He was born in 1918 and never, ever changed his mind – about anything. Would you generally criticise a woman scientist because she didn’t meet your exacting, sexist standards of pulchritude? Because that is what you are doing. Dr. Nusbacher is a woman – tough shit if you don’t fancy her, bet you wish you had half her brains.

  42. jacqueline berry says

    She is beautiful to me, and in looking at her right now on Discovery channel, and just was curious about her, I love the emotions telling us about abandoned documentary. I hate some of the comments here about her, it none if our business her being transgender. Dr Lynette have me looking 3-4 hours about the amazing things in the world. I just hope she writes a book about herself, I googled her just because she felt like family.

  43. Suze says

    Oh, all you haters leave those alone who do not live up to your expectations. Chill out. Great-grandmother Suze.

  44. Coby says

    A good face for radio

  45. Kevin McNicholas says

    Did not know anything about Nusbacher until ten minutes ago when I watched something on History Channel.

    I thought ‘she’s funny’… now I know why.

    For all their intellect; all their affirmations; all their insistence… you know and i know and THEY know… that is not a woman.

    At best, when a person undergoes gender reassignment surgery they simply ‘have the appearance’ of the opposite gender. That is it. Most surgeries fall far short of that.

    That is why there are so very many people that want to go back to what they were!

    Anyway, I’m sure Dr. Nusbacher is a first class historian… but that’s about as much as I want to comment on.

    The rest, which is obvious to all, shall remain unsaid.

  46. Cindy says

    Huge fan. I know it’s legit if she is involved.

  47. Sukranie Rooplall Rooplall says

    I love you work,you bring so much to enrich our lives most of all I respect you as a human being, I’m facing my own hurdles too..

  48. D Hudson says

    Interesting to listen to, certainly very knowledgeable. As for beautiful? One of the
    reasons I looked her up, is I thought she was likely a he.
    Still have to admire the content.

  49. Dick says

    I was just curious about Aryeh’s background – only knew of him, then saw this. Obviously Nusbacher’s knowledge & mind are the important aspects of contributions to shows. My hat’s off to Melanie – yeah, she’s bisexual but to hang in there after my partner’s sex change is way more than I could handle. My humble opinion about Aryeh, Lynette: should spend some more bucks on the nose

  50. James says

    Very impressed with the way she presents the programme, a very clever person & have great respect for her. Her personal life is her business & I admire her. Some of the comments on this site are sickening & the People need to get a life.

  51. John says

    I learned one thing about this topic, I will not hate him (his birth gender) or her (her desire to now be of a female gender identification) despite my not at all being a fan of the whole transgender revolution (nor the die hard PC bunch wanting others to accept their opinions; but not at all respecting others different opinions)

    No one should be nasty towards each other despite different opinions; nor nasty towards this individual, whether you agree with things or not.

    And yes, I tend to turn the channel when I see the shows with him (or her) in them; but, no, I will not be nasty about it all as some have been on BOTH sides of the discussions.

  52. Steve says

    Wow there are some really sick vicious people making comments. I could care less if she was a man it won’t change anything in my life and obviously she wasn’t happy as a man. How another person can judge another who is not affected in any negative way is beyond me.

  53. Thomas says

    Like her mind but very off-putting. It’s very hard to watch.

  54. CA says

    I thought they were siblings so I was curious and looked her up. I can care less about her gender she’s obviously highly intelligent.
    What I don’t understand is why people continue to judge others and harshly criticize. Try looking inward, life’s to short.

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