Bianca Devins Murdered by Brandon Clark
Bianca Devins Murdered by Brandon Clark

What is Bianca Murder Case Incident?

Bianca Devins was 17 years old teen from Utica who was murdered by a guy named Brandon Clark.

Brandon murdered Bianca out of jealousy after he found out she was going out with another guy to a festival whom she met on Discord.

After murdering Bianca, Brandon posted photos of her beheaded body and Discord chat logs on 4chan.

Brandon hinted about the murder on Instagram stories here is the screenshot.

Brandon Clark Instagram Story Hinting Murder
Brandon Clark Instagram Story Hinting Murder

After murdering her when police approached they found a man outside an SUV who claimed to have murdered his girlfriend.

He was armed with a sharp instrument after arresting him police sent him to the St. Elizabeth in Utica for treatment for his significant cuts and injuries.

Brandon’s brother James is in the military and currently posted in Alaska. He is receiving hateful messages from unknown users on Instagram.

He posted these messages on Instagram after he found out what his brother did. Here are the screenshots.

James and his family are equally painful about the incident as the victim’s family.

This case seems to be having a one-sided love angle. One of the close friends of Brandon claims that although they were not dating Brandon considered her to be his girlfriend. Here is the screenshot of the message.

Brandon was not Bianca' Boyfriend
Brandon was not Bianca’ Boyfriend

Bianca’s sister posted a heartwarming message on Instagram after knowing her sister was murdered.

Bianca SIster Liv messages on Instagram
Bianca SIster Liv messages on Instagram

Bianca’s sister Liv has said that Brandon was not some random internet friend he was a close family friend.

Photos of Bianca Devins and Brandon Clark

Bianca’s Instagram Profile

Brandon’s Instagram Profile



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