lynette nusbacher mysteries of the abandoned

“Working on the next series of Mysteries of the Abandoned” Lynette...

Famous military historian and expert Lynette Nusbacher have announced that she is shooting for the next series of the hit show Mysteries...
Jill Bauer QVC

Why Is Jill Bauer Leaving QVC?

Jill Bauer has been hosting show at QVC for last 25 years. Her show has been the highest rated show in the QVC...
Julie Banderas with Andrew Sansone and Kids

Julie Banderas shares cute video of husband reading bedtime story to...

Fox News correspondent and anchor Julie Banderas shared a cute video on Twitter in which her husband Andrew Sansone is reading a...

Germany Visa Wrongfully Rejected for Indian Gaming Teams & Influencers

What's the case? PUBG Mobile International Champions is to be held between 22nd and 28th July 2019.
Dr Phil Divorce Wife Debbie Higgins

The Real Story Behind Dr. Phil & his Wife’s Divorce

Dr. Phil and his first wife Debbie Higgins got divorced in 1973, just 3 years after their marriage in 1970.